Entrepreneurial Career

From training to full professional fulfilment

In my professional career I have always valued my studies, from the technical ones as an Industrial Mechanical Expert to university studies and subsequent Masters.
My business began in the mid-80s when I began to manage, until 1992, the family sporting goods store (DAGNONI SPORT), a real working gym given that, in fact, due to size and number of collaborators it was a small company.

In 1990 I had already entered the family business (DARIMEC INDUSTRIALE) assuming a managerial role in dealing mainly with the commercial wing (marketing and sales), simultaneously taking advantage of both my studies in Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano and the preparation given by the years at the Faculty of Economics and Commerce of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan.
The Course for Young Industrialists at Assolombarda rationalized my training course and, having in the meantime become Managing Director of DARIMEC INDUSTRIALE, I accompanied the company in becoming the European leader in the production of special mechanical reducers and large gears (up to 11.2 meters in diameter).

In 2011, the prestige and visibility obtained by DARIMEC in the international market prompted an important multinational, already a customer, to strongly desire an acquisition operation of the family company: our company thus became part of FL Smidth.
The Master in Business Management obtained at the CIS of Valmadrera was useful to me in the following three years (from 2011 to 2014), when I continued to cover the role of Chief Executive Officer with the task of ferrying the family-run company to the interior of a giant in the plant engineering sector for mines and cement plants.

Since 2014, together with my brothers, I have set up another company, which carries out commercial activities in support of historical customers who have urged us to continue the collaboration relationship that had consolidated over time. The Master in Entrepreneurial Enhancement of the MIP Politecnico di Milano has helped me in supporting this with the activity that now engages me most of the time, i.e. the management of the other family companies, active in the field of “Real Estate”, new construction and asset management.
I followed the Advanced Leadership and Effective Communication Course at OSM because I continue to believe in constant personal and professional improvement, even today that I am proudly among the members of the Territorial Commission of the Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Milano and among the members of the Rotary Club Monforte of Milan, of which I was also secretary in 2005.

The family industry

More than 50 years history

“You can arrive in the Third Millennium while keeping your principles and history strong and firm. Each of us comes from a distant place and the Dagnoni family has come a long way.”


A sports career marked by many victories


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“We’ve known each other for 50 years. These are people who have given so much to cycling, they are people I respect a lot, both as enthusiasts and as industrialists.
We love each other very much and I remember with great pleasure the parties at their farmhouse.”


“We found in him a competent and professional person. . His true passion has remained within me together with his human sincerity which he then transmits in his work as a manager. The other quality I want to underline is the ability to work on projects”