Family DNA

The beginnings thanks to my father’s passion

I grew up in a family where cycling has been breathed since birth, thanks above all to my father Mario who helped write the history of Italian track cycling and not only as a stayer coach. I started my agonistic career in 1978 as a 2nd year rookie, and already in 1982 I was Blue Jersey at the G.P. Reubiland (junior category stage race) and Italian indoor Champion behind engines paired with my father (running with the amateurs while still being a junior).

From the following year I began to wear the Blue Jersey in various international competitions in the Motorpaced specialties up to the victory in the G.P. of Paris Stayer. In 1984 I was Blue Jersey at the Tour of Greece, and so on for the following years until in 1987 I was Blue Jersey at the “Centurion de Mallorca” stage race, of which I also won the prologue.

1989 was my last year as an athlete after which I closed a career that also counts a dozen 6 Days played.
In 1999 my career as Derny Coach began with the 6 Days of Milan, the first of a fortnight of international 6 Days in which I participated and which took me around Europe, from Germany to England.

As Coach Derny I have found my perfect dimension, participating in many Italian Championships and obtaining many satisfactions as well as reaping many laurels.

In 2007 I was Italian Champion paired with Alan Marangoni, with whom I won Silver the following year. Gold Medal again in 2009 paired with Angelo Ciccone and Silver again in 2011 paired with Thomas Alberio. In 2012 I was back as Italian Champion, this time paired with Elia Viviani, as well as the following year paired with Marco Coledan. In 2015 my first absolute double: Italian Champion paired with Michele Scartezzini for men and Italian Champion with Elena Cecchini among Women.
In 2016 Italian Champion paired with Francesco Castegnaro, in 2017 Italian Champion paired with Riccardo Minali and in 2018 another double: Gold paired with Rachele Barbieri and Bronze together with Andrea Guardini. In my last agonistic season, 2019, I finished as Italian Champion paired with Francesca Pattaro.
In addition to the Italian scene, I have also frequented the international limelight by participating for example several times, in addition to the aforementioned 6 Days, in the European Championships, won for the first time in 2005 together with Alexey Shmidt (Russia). In 2012 I became European Champion again, this time with Davide Viganò.

From there Bronze paired with Marco Coledan in 2013, again paired with Davide Viganò for Silver in 2015, and Bronze again in 2017 paired with Riccardo Minali.
Also in Europe, as well as in Italy, I closed my last season with the Gold Medal, this time paired with Marta Cavalli in 2019.
As far as international competitions are concerned, I also won a Gold medal in the 2011 European Cup paired with Cameron Meyer and Leigh Howard (Australia).
My sporting career led me to receive a CONI Bronze Star for Sporting Merit but, in addition to the agonistic field, it also saw me try my hand at management, starting with the family company founded by my father Mario in 1961, the G.S. DARIMEC INGRANAGGI, which boasts among its victories 5 World Championships, 4 European Championships and more than 50 Italian Championships.

With the Advanced Training Course in Sports Management at CONI LOMBARDIA Sport School, I completed my training course to then also make it available to sports policy: two four-years as Councilor of the Lombardy Regional Committee of Italian Cycling Federation, starting in 2004, until I became Vice-President in 2012, Senior Vice-President from 2013 to 2016 and then in 2017 I was elected President.

In the meantime, I was also Vice-President for almost a decade of the Milanese section of the ANAAOI (National Association of Olympians and Azzurri of Italy), but my commitment was not limited to the national sphere: from 2012 to 2020 I was in fact a Member of the Commission Road of the UEC.
Thanks to my sporting career, today I appear with pleasure and pride among the members of Panathlon in Milan.

“Cordiano is the right man at the right time. When we were young we ran together. It is right that he can run as a candidate because he has the ideal characteristics to be an excellent President for his cycling background, as an entrepreneur and for his apprenticeship in the Lombard Committee. Right now, as a movement, we need new leadership.”


“In the Lombardy Committee he has worked profitably and could be the right person for the National Cycling Federation.
It won’t be easy to win, but he has the qualities to develop new ideas to the fullest.
Lombardy on pedals loses an excellent element.”


“He has always shown great availability towards us riders.
I consider him a loyal person and that says it all. We need leaders who are passionate, competent and without ulterior motives.”


My professional life, between the lines of my sports successes


The pride of a family business, the responsibility of a big industry


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