Dear Lombard Clubs,

I am addressing you mainly to summarize what has been done by the Lombardy Regional Committee in these four years.I won’t hide from you that this mandate has been heavily marked by the sudden death of the beloved and highly esteemed vice President Adriano Borghetti.Adriano was a key element of our board of directors, which allowed us to set up a particularly functional organization chart made up of valid, competent people, animated by the same desire to bring the CRL to the top. In fact, the results were immediately flattering. The second part of this four-year period, without Borghetti, was a little more tiring, due to the imbalance of some internal balances, but even in this more difficult period, there was no lack of satisfaction deriving from the great agonistic results of our athletes, both on the field national and international. From the membership point of view, we can be satisfied because, despite the inexorable and inevitable decline, our values have always been better than the numbers recorded on a national scale.


Participants in off-road races have increased. In particular, there is the great success of the Cyclo-cross Lombardy Trophy. To tell the truth, we must admit that the lack of winter activity on the track, due to the closure of the only covered velodrome (Montichiari), has facilitated the increase both in organized races and in the number of members of our circuit. In this sector we have had a clear improvement in terms of results, with successes both in the final classifications of the Italian Cup and in the Italian MTB and cyclo-cross championships and in terms of the mere spirit of belonging and connection to the Green Jersey of Lombardy.

We have increased trips abroad for the junior category. Activities that we believe to be of fundamental importance also for the selection and recruitment work of the National Coach. The 2020 program also included travel for the track and off-road sector, but unfortunately the pandemic prevented this project from being completed, which will still remain valid and interesting for future management.
We have won national championships in all categories and in all specialties, both on road and on track, in the youth and junior categories M/F.
Numerous titles have also been won in the growing BMX sector.

We invented (also in this case we were the first) the “virtual regional championship”, for the junior category, which was born from an idea of the STR and then saw the involvement of everyone to escape in a goliardic way from that climate of depression that was suffocating us during the lockdown.

The recovery of the activity of this anomalous season began under the sign of an important and, dare I say unique, event inside the Monza racetrack, called LOMBARD CYCLING DAY, which was attended by more than 1,000 male and female athletes of the different categories. An organizational success promoted and supported by the CRL, with the active and valuable collaboration of the CP Monza and Brianza and three historical clubs in our area.

In the Paralympic sector, with the support of our commission, around fifteen competitions have been organized every year and we have achieved great results with our Lombard athletes: 12 world championships, 22 world cup stages, 66 Italian championships and numerous prizes and Pink Jersey at the HandBike Italian tour.

In the amateur field we had the Italian road championship in our area for two years, with excellent results from our athletes, who proudly wore the Jersey of our regional representative.
We then experimented, with an excellent final result, the organizational combination of the amateur category together with the youth agonistic one, in the Morimondo time trial.

Youth cycling in Lombardy is in good health.

Until last year we had 2,700 members from G1 to G6, of which around 400 were girls. The latter have always been the weak point of the youth movement as since 2010 their number has steadily decreased, instead in 2019 the number has grown thanks to the promotion and also to the fact of being the only region in Italy that organizes two matches per season exclusively female and stimulating work in the girls’ awards.
We also remain by far the region with the most organized events (Lombardy 303, Veneto second organizes 222). Among the top 10 CCPPs in Italy that organize the most youth competitions, we have 6, with Bergamo in first place.
In these four years we have promoted alternative activities a lot and this is the real reason why we organize so many competitions, 17.5% of our events, in fact, are made up of alternative activities. Among the large CCRRs, only Tuscany achieves a better result than ours (18.5%).
In these four years, our clubs have always finished on the podium in the National Meeting of very young people and once we even won it. In the Coni Trophy we finished 3rd in 2018 and 2nd in 2019.
We are the region with the largest number of cycling schools recognized by the FCI, and several are being created.
As for 2020, we were the first in Italy to organize a road race for the very young on 3rd of August, in the province of Brescia, and we managed to guarantee, thanks to the clubs, at least one race for Sunday (even reaching 3 races) until the end of the season.


  • At the beginning of the four-year period we organized a communication course, aimed at optimizing internal and external relations, dedicated to technicians, managers and collaborators of the CRL.
  • As part of training, we have promoted an itinerant course, at our CPs, entitled: Fathers & Sons. Meetings in which a comparison was favored that must distinguish the playful spirit in youth activity.
  • We trained 1,162 new figures, of which 829 in the safety sector (668 ASA, 46 ASTC, 64 MT, 5 SC, 18 DC and 28 Competition Officers) and 333 technicians (263 1st level and 70 2nd level) .


  • We have increased contributions to the Provincial Committees to actively support fundamental activities and we have always made ourselves available to contribute to the expenses of the regional championships which have highlighted specific organizational problems, with particularly onerous costs.
  • We supported the municipality of Crema in order to obtain the government grant that will allow the start of the renovation and compliance works of the Pierino Baffi velodrome and I actively participated in the design of the new pump-track and freestyle facility that will be built at the exterior of the Vigorelli velodrome.
  • We have obtained a partial result for the abolition of regional constraints, as today the participation of junior athletes in the delegations of the regional representatives is regulated by the residence of the athlete himself and no longer by the affiliation of the club for which the athlete is registered .
  • We have started a dialogue with the CSI to include cycling among the oratory activities of the summer campuses. An action that is certainly preparatory to the youth promotion of our sporting discipline.
  • We have faced with conviction and determination the thorny affair of the co-optation of the vice President, after the death of Borghetti, in which the General Secretariat had led us into error, definitively rectifying this position.
  • After more than a decade, we have reorganized the Lombard cycling festival, in which we went to reward the Lombard athletes who distinguished themselves in the season, winning Italian, European and world championships.
  • We have purchased a new minibus and a flagship (used) which will allow the CRL greater autonomy in the management of travel.
  • All this was possible also thanks to the 56,500 euro sponsorships which partially compensated for the cut in contributions of the FCI. Many thanks to our partners, especially ROSTI of the Alborghetti brothers and MVS Multivendor Service of our friend Massimo Bartolini.


  • To the commissions: Race Officers, Race Directors, Motorbike Marshals, Sports Officers and the person in charge of external relations;
  • To all members of the Technical Structures: Road, Track, off-road, Paralympic, promotional, very young and amateur/cycling;
  • To all members of the board of directors;
  • To all the Provincial Committees: all Presidents and councilors, who have worked hard in the fundamental activity over the past four years.
  • To the collaborators of the CRL: Patrizia Calcagnì (who took the place of Giovanni Lorenzon, moved to the National Study Center), Laura Lupieri and Andrea Leoni.


Today I leave this important and prestigious position with the knowledge that I have done my best for this Committee and with the hope that whoever succeeds me will find benefit in this imprint I have left.


Thanks to the positive feedback I received on my work, as most important CR President of Italy, to the consent of the large majority of the Lombard delegates who will vote in the national assembly and to the numerous solicitations I received from all over Italy, I have decided to make my experience and expertise available to the Italian Cycling Federation. For these reasons and for the passion I have for cycling I announce that from today I will officially take the field for the race for the national presidency.

From today my website is active: www.cordianodagnoni.it