MARINO VIGNA – Olympic gold medal Chase Rome 1960

“For me Cordiano is like a son and I can only say good things about him. In the Lombardy Committee he has worked profitably and could be the right person for the National Cycling Federation. It won’t be easy to win, but he has the qualities to develop new ideas to the fullest. Lombardy on pedals loses an excellent element.”


GIANNI BUGNO – 2 times World Champion and winner of 1 Giro d’Italia

“Cordiano is the right man at the right time. When we were young we ran together. It is right that he can run as a candidate because he has the ideal characteristics to be an excellent President for his cycling background, as an entrepreneur and for his apprenticeship in the Lombard Committee. Right now, as a movement, we need new leadership.”


MAURIZIO FONDRIEST – World Champion and winner of 1 Milano Sanremo

“I have a long-standing friendship with Cordiano, since I was serving for the Army’s Athletes Company. We share the same passion for the sport and he comes from a family of cycling enthusiasts. He has always shown great availability towards us riders. I consider him a loyal person and that says it all. We need leaders who are passionate, competent and without ulterior motives.”


GIANNI MOTTA – Winner of 1 Giro d’Italia and 1 Giro di Lombardia

“We’ve known each other for 50 years. I was also friends with his father. These are people who have given so much to cycling. They are people I respect a lot, both as enthusiasts and as industrialists. Dad Mario trained me in the 6-day motor races. We love each other very much and I remember with great pleasure the parties at their farmhouse.”


ROBERTO RUSSO – Director of CityLife Public Works

“I met Cordiano when we started carrying out the Vigorelli recovery project within the CityLife area. A very difficult issue to deal with. We found in him a competent and professional person who knew the place and every strip of the velodrome in a profound way. We often talk even if we no longer work together. His true passion has remained within me together with his human sincerity which he then transmits in his work as a manager. When we tested the track it brought us many champions, from Bugno to Moser, and therefore a lot of value. The other quality I want to underline is the ability to work on projects, such as the one linked to the dream of bringing the 6 Days back to Milan. He often invites me to see those abroad. An invitation that unfortunately I always have to refuse due to too much work.”


MARTINA CAMBIAGHI – Councilor for Sport of the Lombardy Region

“I had the pleasure of meeting Cordiano when I became the Lombardy Region Sports Councilor. There was an understanding right away and that made me happy. On a professional level, it’s nice to work when you understand each other even beyond the working sphere. It is possible to design with harmony and obtain excellent results. I am happy to have known him. Even during the health emergency we spoke both to make sure of the well-being of the respective families and to understand how to help young cyclists to resume sporting activity. Cordiano has a sensitivity oriented towards the personal growth of young men and women, rather than cyclists. He knows how to think beyond the job and the role.”


GIORGIO SQUINZI – Patron MAPEI ed ex Presidente di Confindustria

““You can arrive in the Third Millennium while keeping your principles and history strong and firm. Each of us comes from a distant place and the Dagnoni family has come a long way.”

(from the book “DARIMEC A family on the move for 50 years” by Pier Augusto Stagi)


FILIPPO GRASSIA – Journalist, ex President of CONI Milan, President of Panathlon Milan

“As we saw during the poor management of the pandemic, there is a lack of managers in Italy. A good doctor does not necessarily know how to play the role of medical or ATS director. Sport needs managers like Cordiano Dagnoni who has a long and positive entrepreneurial career behind him, first with his father, and now with his brothers. I think he has the specific skills to bring the Federation into modernity.”


ORESTE PERRI – President of CONI Lombardy

“I am honored to be friends with a great person whom I respect so much, as a sportsman and as a man. We interfaced immediately and the feeling was born spontaneously given by the love for sport. This spirit has led us to lead the region, I as President of CONI and him in cycling. Cordiano is an important resource and I hope he can continue in his work both for the top, made up of champions, and in the work towards the base where there are men and women trained for the challenge and to handle success with humility. This is Cordiano.”


ANTONIO COLOMBO – CEO Columbus Cinelli

“Cordiano is an essential presence for us at Columbus and Cinelli, his father a friend of my father and us boys or almost. What beautiful memories at the Cascina. And on the pedals with our Granciclismo team. And the stories about the stayers and the dernys that he still drives in the velodromes of the north bringing medals to Italy. For me a friend, generous competent. Someone who knows how to listen.”


FILIPPO POZZATO – Milano Sanremo Winner

“I have known Cordiano for many years and I had the opportunity to have an incredible experience with him when I raced on the Derny track in 2018. I appreciated his expertise as a technician and as an entrepreneur. In a world of people who talk a lot, it is a person who puts his face into what he does. He has a historicity that few can boast: runner, technician and entrepreneur.


MARIO SCIREA – Team time trial world champion

“I am very close to the Dagnoni family since I raced with the Darimech team. I was a teammate of Cordiano and his father helped me in the transition to professionalism. They were linked to the national team and they gave me the opportunity to prepare for the Seoul Olympics. In addition to me, they have led many riders to win. Cordiano is the continuity of his father’s passion. He brought his skills to the Lombard Committee demonstrating his skills as an entrepreneur.”


LUCIO FUSARO – Power Volleyball President

“We’ve known each other for 3 years, even though I followed his father who won everything at 6 days. He has an important family culture and tradition. I was President of Rotary and during my presidency I had set the mandate on sports and therefore we connected by developing various projects. I wish all the Federations to have a character like Dagnoni who has already led one of the most important regions in Italy.”


PAOLO GUERCIOTTI – Founder of the Guerciotti company

“Our relationship goes back in time: 50 years. The Guerciotti and Dagnoni families have always been close. When we had Daniele Pontoni in the team, world champion, the sponsor Darimec was on our Jersey. Even before that, my family had a restaurant and we already frequented it with true friendship. I hope Cordiano can make it in this fight for the presidency.”


ROBERTO AMADIO – Ex runner and sports manager

“As runners, Cordiano and I raced on the track together. Also, for 4 years, I competed in Lombardy. I was at CC Canturino, and here I got to know him and his family well. There is a feeling that binds us ever since. I consider him a serious and competent person who has made an important journey. In addition to the sporting aspect there is the important entrepreneurial one. In short, competence and ability. “


IVAN QUARANTA – 6 stages in the Giro d’Italia and a Pink Jersey in his career

“Everyone would like to have a friend like Cordiano.
Respectable person, correct, technically prepared.
We get along and it’s always a pleasure to deal with him.”